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The suggestion here is that the nature of our being is the peace and happiness for which we seek. In other words, what we essentially are is quite literally the peace and happiness we desire in life.

"Okay... obviously I know myself, why then do I have the experience of being unhappy so often?"


Great question! Although it's true we all know ourselves, not everyone knows themselves clearly. For most, our sense of self is thoroughly mixed with the content of experience (thoughts, feelings, activities, relationships, etc.) and as such we feel like it limits us. This appearance of self limitation expresses itself in our lives as the experience of unhappiness. As a result of this feeling, most people turn to objects, substances, states of mind and relationships believing they hold the key to lasting happiness. However, continuously searching for happiness in this way actually winds up perpetuating our feelings of limitation since it leaves our fundamental lack of clear self knowledge completely unaddressed.

Clear self knowledge is the direct path to recognizing the lasting presence of peace and happiness we desire.

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